From Dullness and Darkness to Truth


By Ruchika Gandhi


Ruchika shares with us her wonderful experience of Mai-Tri method of cleansing, rejuvenating and healing. When one is open, willing and has firm faith, the Master’s energy facilitated by the Mai-Tri practitioner, clears energy blockages from past events and lives,  enabling healing to take place in the various layers of our system.

“Spontaneous healing takes plays when we allow nature to function without interruption. Healers are just intenders. They intend healing to take place. The receiver allows it to happen. Healing happens. Healing is karmic. Karma has roots in emotions. When emotions trap memories and fears, energy is blocked. The nature of energy is movement. Nature of life is also a movement. When energy is blocked, it signifies the state of death. Stagnation creates diseases because the flow of energy is blocked. When there is no energy flow to cleanse, create and rejuvenate, cells die. Energy blockages are the reason for almost all psycho-somatic ailments.” Mohanji


I have been under immense pain for the last few months. During the last few days, the pain was getting aggravated, from the legs to the spine and then the whole body. Body movements were very slow and painful. I knew in my heart that this was not something that could be controlled by a doctor or anyone else. Mai-Tri Method was the way to go. I was blessed to have a session from Milica 2 days ago.

As the session began, I could feel something leaving me gradually from the legs, the spine and then from the whole body. The beginning of the session was like a thunder storm, my breath was coming out at high speed, but during the session, I slowly began to feel calm and there was a moment when I could not even hear my breath. That was it.

After the session, Milica (Mai-tri Practitioner) and I spoke. She revealed certain details about what she saw. Mohanji had cleared certain darkness and heaviness which felt like a thunder storm in my head, in a flash. It was quite intense. My Dad appeared in the process. There was probably something between my Dad and me, which needed to be settled from past lives. I had lost my Dad in 2017, and post-session a lot of memories came back. I was reliving them again with lots of tears and sadness. I was also feeling ashamed for some reason. The emotional pain continued during the night and the next day. I was in deep sadness and tears at all times. I kept feeling upset as I may have caused suffering for my Dad in my past lives. This emotion stayed with me until my awareness expanded into space where I could only imagine how fortunate I am….

Mohanji’s grace, love and unconditional healing are unmatched. We do not have a clue of who we were in our past lives or what we may have done for our gratification, causing karmic binding. Mohanji, the supreme consciousness, the cosmic creator, knows every aspect of each one of us, but receives us all gracefully every time (knowing our past, present and future), without any judgment, without any discrimination, without doing anything that would make us feel bad about ourselves, but helps us to elevate.

I wonder, how often we lose our cool when things don’t happen the way we want it.

How fortunate we are to have all the comforts in life, to have basic food, clothing and shelter, have opportunities to do seva and many other things, despite all our heavy karmic baggage of many lifetimes. That’s how beautiful our creation is. It provides each one of us with everything that we need for our sustenance, irrespective of our karma. Creation never discriminates or gives options to improve only those who have ‘good karma’ in their history. Temples don’t allow only people with good karma to have darshan, and neither do pilgrimages happen only for those with good karma. Creation is the same for all. We are fortunate because Mohanji clears the path, reduces our sufferings and gives us strength each time to move on. He makes us realize not to live in the past, but to be objective and practical in life; to make use of what we have and share as much as we can, and to live with purity and faith.

Another round of the Mai-tri method had to be done after 2 days given the severity of my health condition. Nerves were totally out of order, causing extreme pain in the legs affecting my mobility; chakras were blocked due to so much baggage from past lives that it was unimaginable. Mohanji appeared again and deep cleansing happened during the second session too.

I realised this is how our beloved Mohanji is. His purest, omnipresent energy elevates everyone. To bring out the beauty within us, to bring out the realization that this life is another opportunity to live to the fullest, to be in the moment, to be in gratitude, to share all the time. There’s nothing to fear, or to judge, just surrender with complete FAITH.  

Mohanji on positivity

Always in gratitude to you Mohanji, for your unconditional love and acceptance. Mai-Tri method brings transformation at different levels. Fortunate are the practitioners and the ones who receive the grace of Mohanji’s healing, as there could not be anything more powerful than this transfer of pure love and deeper awareness about who we actually are. With each session of Mai-Tri, we become better and better is what I feel. Thank you for giving us this beautiful gift.

Much love and gratitude at your lotus feet Mohanji.

Mai-Tri Method

Published by – Testimonials Team, 24th May 2019


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