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By Rekha Murali, Chennai, India

The Mai-Tri Method seemed very fascinating and mystical when I first heard about it. But something prevented me from applying for it although I had participated in the group sessions three times. Soon the Mohanji Acharya training happened and Mohanji asked us to get initiated in the Mai-Tri Method.

It was not an easy task but with Mohanji’s blessings, the initiation process was completed and I was ready to do my first session. Before that, I asked our Mai-Tri practitioner Subhasree to do a session for me. So here I narrate my experience with Subhasree and my first session as a practitioner. This happened during April 2019.

The initiation in itself was very powerful as the 41st day culminated in a visit to Lord Dhanvantari temple, considered as an avatar of Lord Vishnu and a physician of the Gods!

Lord Dhanvantari
Lord Dhanvantari – Physician of the Gods


My session with Subhasree on 13th April 2019

When I requested, amidst her busy schedule, Subhasree was very accommodating and agreed to do a session for me immediately. As it was a distance healing session, she asked me to just rest on my bed at the stipulated time. The session commenced and I could feel extremely powerful energy entering into me. As she progressed step by step focusing on each chakra, Mohanji’s energy flowed smoothly and I felt blissful and happy. The heat of the energy was so soothing, that I sensed calmness with no thoughts in my mind. I just flowed with the moment. This was a surprise as, during that period, I would burst into tears for no apparent reason. The thought of Mohanji would have me crying, chanting the Mai-Tri Gayatri would bring on the tears and so on. I was therefore prepared for the deluge but instead felt the warmth and protection of Mohanji covering me, with absolutely no tears. Expect the unexpected!


The energy flowed and reached the abdomen after which I could not sense anything. I wondered at the reason for a fraction of a second as I was extremely aware during the entire process. At one point in time, my body stiffened and I felt myself being stretched in both directions. I felt I was a corpse floating in the water. The mind was absolutely calm and still and I watched myself as a corpse. I stayed in this state for more than half an hour, surrendering everything to Mohanji and feeling grateful for the cleansing. I just felt Mohanji’s energy so strongly and that was all that mattered.

 I spoke to Subhasree the next day and she filled in the gaps and shared her experience.

Subhasree mentioned that the energy was ‘terrific’. It flowed continuously and smoothly and that I soon fell asleep. The reason that I did not feel anything below the abdomen was that I was put under a state similar to being under anaesthesia. Mohanji literally conducted surgery and removed a huge mass of flesh from the root and there was a lot of blood. She also mentioned that I’d had a premature death once and my corpse was floating in the water. That is what I witnessed too.

After the surgery by Mohanji, Subhasree saw a column of golden light rising from the base of my spine moving towards my head. She then saw the coiled golden snake rising. According to her, she had not witnessed anything like this before.

On completing the session, Subhasree came out of the room and relaxed on her sofa. Her son Sambhav, who was sitting nearby asked her if she could feel Mohanji. He mentioned that Mohanji was standing in front of her, with his hand in a blessing position. Sambhav had seen him and also explained that he looked like Sai Baba.

“There is no me and you. There is only one Consciousness expressing through me and you.” – Mohanji

I was in tears after listening to Subhasree. The energy flow was so strong that it continued to flow for almost a day.

Mohanji’s ways of operating, healing and diluting our karmas can never be easily comprehended by the mind. My heart overflows with gratitude to Him as I relive every moment of this powerful session through Subhasree.

After this, my conviction and faith increased even more and I felt assured that I was now ready to be a Mai-Tri Practitioner.



My first experience as a Practitioner

Soon after, Radha Sreenivas requested for a session on 26th April and with Subhasree’s guidance, I prepared myself for the session, chanting and surrendering it to Mohanji.

While setting up the room and the altar for the process, there was a minor accident. I tried to light the lamp and the wick wouldn’t catch fire and the matchstick burnt my finger. So I tried lighting it with a dhoop stick and smouldering ash with a piece of the dhoop stick fell down. It had fallen on a cloth bag used for vegetables which I did not notice. I went to the altar, arranged everything and when I returned to the kitchen, I got the smell of something smouldering. The cloth bag had caught fire! I quickly washed it in running water. Although for a minute the mind questioned this untoward incident, soon I realised it indicated the presence of Mohanji. Tears flowed and chanting the Mai-Tri Gayatri, I waited for Radha.

I sent a picture of my room and altar to Subhasree and she sensed a strong fragrance of sandalwood. The fragrance of the agarbhati (dhoop) was that of sandalwood and Subhasree sensed this sitting in another continent.

My Altar

Soon Radha arrived and after briefing her about the process, we started the session. The energy flowed very strongly and she seemed to take in a lot of energy. She fell asleep quickly, snoring gently. Radha was however, aware of the process. The minute I placed my hand on her stomach, my entire body started vibrating and the energy from the base of my spine started rising. The throbbing of the energy was so intense, that my body started shaking, moving forward and backwards. Radha felt the strong vibrations emanating from within me. The same thing happened again when I placed my hand on the back of her abdomen. I realised later it was the dance of  the Mother Kundalini.

I did not see or feel anything below her abdomen except for the word ‘fear’ that popped up. I just sensed that Mohanji did some very deep cleansing on her.

On completing the session, we both did the aarati for Mohanji. My hands were throbbing with the energy and I just mentioned it to her. She touched my hand and sensed something like an electric shock coursing through her. She went into a kind of trance for a couple of minutes with tears flowing. She sensed the power of Mohanji’s energy and was very grateful. She mentioned that she does not allow anyone to touch her abdomen and was surprised that she did not push my hand away.

A couple of days later, she had a nightmare of a child meeting with an accident. She had witnessed something similar when she was 7 years old. She had released some deep-seated fear through Mohanji’s powerful Mai-Tri Method.

Both the experiences were amazing. The biggest learning at the very beginning itself was the importance of the Mai-Tri Method. It is not just for the receiver but it clears the path and heals the practitioner too. The constant awareness that I am only a medium for Mohanji helped me remain an open channel and He took care of the rest.

I have done a few more in the past 6 months and always sense Mohanji in some form or the other. Thank you Mohanji for this beautiful initiation and for enabling me to be a medium for Mai-Tri.

born from fire

I am deeply grateful for every single blessing that you have bestowed on me as I surrender my all at your feet. Koti Pranaams.


|| Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji ||

Mai-Tri Method

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