A Guru does his job


By Anonymous

I have often heard that a true Guru does not leave the hands of his disciples and this is indeed very true, and I would like to share this amazing experience with you all.

Last night on 19 March 2020, I was in tremendous pain due to menstrual issues that I have been experiencing lately. Despite being under natural treatments, the issue went out of hand and I was shouting and mourning in pain. I could neither think nor speak properly. My husband did not know what to do and he requested Dragan (one of our Mai-Tri practitioners) for a session. My husband requested my father who is a healer of a different modality to protect me as I was also being subject to some negative forces.

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As the Mai-Tri session started with Dragan, I felt embraced in so much love, I was calming down and I was peaceful. I felt so much loving, motherly energy which I have never felt in my life before. I had instant relief from my pain. I have had so many Mai-Tri sessions in my life, but with this one, it was instant pain removal. I was stunned later by what had made the difference. The moment I was in pain, I gave up everything. I was no more in control. I even thought that I was willing now to go for surgery as mentioned previously by the doctors. Then, I felt that whatever has to happen will happen. The pain was so extreme that I thought I would die. At that moment, by giving up control, by surrendering and chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri, the Mai-Tri session showed instant results.

I slept and during the early hours of the morning, I had a visit from Mohanji. It was him. All was so real. He came near me and removed something out of my uterus, I don’t remember much else. The only thing I knew was that he was here. I saw him and I could feel his energy. I did not bother to recall anything else and went back to sleep. I don’t know if it was a spiritual surgery being done or healing, but when I woke up in the morning, I had better energy and to my surprise, I could walk! The night before, I needed support to walk, sit and stand due to severe pain.

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On the previous day, which was a Thursday, thus for me it means more reverence to the Guru and Shirdi Sai, I was actually very angry with Mohanji. I was telling him all the miseries of my life and asking him where he was? Why was he not listening? At that point, I was not in a bad state. My health deteriorated in the evening. I was telling him how tired I was fighting with my health issues, how difficult it was to get a job, how with the health issues I was not able to do my hours of sadhana, how I was not able to cook, how the house was in such a mess, how bad I was feeling as my husband was having to work a lot more because of me, and how bad a mom I was for not being able to look after my child properly. I shared all the pain and agony in my heart with Mohanji and left the prayer room. While leaving, I saw Shirdi Baba looking at me. I got angry with him as well and said, “You are also keeping quiet and just watching!” After this, I went off and only came back to the prayer room in the evening to pay my respect to both with mounting pain.

For me, this whole episode was a great testimony of what Mohanji always says. He always does his job! He also clears our doubts. I still remember him telling me once, “Why do you doubt me!” When I cried from the heart and surrendered to him, Mohanji gave me his darshan and relieved me from the pain I was suffering from.

Indeed as Shirdi Sai has said – Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (patience)! When we have patience and surrender to our Guru, he will take care of us. Thank you Mohanji and love you.


|| Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji ||

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Published by – Testimonials Team, 10th May 2020

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