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Mohanji eyes

By Sonia Gandhi, Australia

This is an encounter that happened on 9th January 2020. I remember the date because it was exactly two years after my Kriya initiation. Seemingly insignificant, it, however, shook me from the inside. I was woken up at 4.30 am to work on something, which was only meant to lead to what happened next.

Every morning, after I get up, feeding birds is more like a daily practice, so I headed downstairs and picked up bird food in a container. As I walked towards the usual place where water and food are kept for the birds, I stopped as I saw a little bird lying down in that corner.

The bird noticed me coming too and tried to flutter and fly. Unfortunately, he could just fly an arm’s length, only to fall back again. I stood there in shock and took a few steps back. Not sure what to do or how to help this bird’s pain, I could not react for a few seconds.

From where I was standing in the garden, I could see the bird on the ground and by turning my head, I could also see the pictures of Mohanji, Sai Baba and Mahavatar Babaji in my altar in the lounge area. I looked at Mohanji and said, “Please send him to the highest plane as much as karmically allowed” and continued chanting the Mai-Trimantra, praying internally for the highest outcome for the bird.

Mohanji eyes1

After a few seconds, I looked at Mohanji’s eyes again. And, like a laser beam, yet very subtle, a light came out of his eyes, and entered my eyes! Automatically my head tilted towards the direction of this bird and this subtle laser beam entered the bird.

The bird acknowledged the energy and looked from the corner of his eye in my direction. The bird was lying on his back with his feet pointing up towards the sky. As he received this laser beam energy from Mohanji’s eyes, which surrounded him like a bubble, he clasped both his feet in the namaskar position as if thanking Mohanji for the energy received and within a Nanosecond, left his body.


I stood there stunned at what my eyes had just witnessed. The divine play of how a bird comes to have its last breath in my backyard and how Mohanji gives him what was needed at that time, waking me up earlier than my usual time to come down and witness his divine play was amazing.

I went for my Kriya practice after that and got a message to bury the bird at the same place. The same message was received by Elham, fellow Mohanji Acharya, with whom I shared this after my Kriya. The bird was buried at the same place with a prayer for it to reach its highest plane.


It was humbling to witness this divine play with my physical eyes, to see how Mohanji’s subtle energy works every second, and with one call, he was there to give transition for this bird. Gratitude and more gratitude to our beloved Mohanji for his boundless compassion and love for each and every being.


|| Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji ||

Mai-Tri Method

Published by – Testimonials Team, 23rd March 2020

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